Why your Direct Injection engine needs this service.

Direct Injection fuel systems work by “directly injecting” fuel into the cylinder combustion chamber. This enables the vehicle to be much more fuel-efficient all around and helps manufacturers to meet emission control standards. The Direct Injection fuel system is designed for the injectors to inject fuel directly into the cylinders. Other fuel systems such as port injection, inject fuel into the inlet ports, the benefit of this system is that it cleans your valves and inlet ports with the detergents found in most fuel station pumps, examples are Shell V-Power, Vortex Premium.

Direct Injection fuel systems, do not get cleaned by the detergents, this eventually leads to a large amount of carbon build-up over time on newer BMW Turbo, VW TSI and AUDI TFSI engines which requires the Walnut Shell Blasting service.

Inlet Ports Cleaning Walnut Shell Blasting

What We Do?

Port Carbon Clean, a specialised business utilising a Walnut Shell Blasting tool to clean inlet ports, inlet valves, inlet manifolds and EGR systems.

Great care must be taken to ensure that all areas are cleaned thoroughly and not damaged.
Only the correct grain of Walnut Shells must be used to avoid damage to the engine.
A certain air pressure must not be exceeded as shells could enter other areas than the inlet port.

How We Do It?

We disconnect all components from your inlet manifold and remove it from your engine to gain access to your inlet ports.
Photos will be taken of all inlet ports and valves.
We insert special adapters into your inlet ports, we then walnut shell blaster targeted areas of your inlet port to clean all internal port walls and the valve stem.
The inlet manifold will be inspected and if necessary cleaned. A new Manifold Gasket will be used to prevent leaks.
Once all mechanical work has been completed, an Error Code scan will be performed to ensure that no errors are logged into your ECU.

Why We Do It?

Increase in Horsepower (hp) and Torque (tq) by making the engine breath better.
Increase efficiency, higher milage.
Lower emission, comply with emission controls.
Avoid engine damage.
Avoid rough idle, cold start issues.